Sunday, 29 January 2012

Last weeks wrap up

Sunday and it's a new week, but for me it's the middle of my weekend as Monday's are a day off work for me.
I'm going to start a new blog post for Sunday's that is a wrap up of things we accomplished, what worked and what didn't and money saved throughout the previous week so here is this weeks wrap up and a few photos of our local area for your enjoyment.

Our local creek.  There will be a lot more water now with all the rain.

Great news with this one.  Our large pest, Johnny the labrador, has decided that he doesn't like the taste of my potted plants anymore.

Savings: $11

Yates Pest Control Spray $12.35 - which wouldn't stop the dog from chewing plants and would probably poison him instead.
Homemade Garlic and Chili spray less than $1 as I grow the chillies but maybe no more than $2 if you were buying them.


Thank you for your lovely compliments.  We are having a lot of rainy weather and below average temperatures at the moment so despite it being Summer it is still good knitting weather.

Savings of making all these items are too much to list here, plus the enjoyment and relaxation I get from making them is priceless.


This was a success and a fail.  We enjoyed the pizza but found that the base was a little bit too cake like in texture and more suited to a dessert pizza, topped with sour cream and peach, apple or mango slices.  Yum!  I might give that a try this week.

Savings: $0
The cost is about the same as buying a pizza from a takeaway place but it was much more filling so we only needed one rather than two.

Mooloolaba Beach

A success so far.  We have noticeably less flies around the doorways and bins although it remains to be seen how it will go once the weather fines up as there are less flies because of the rain.  The flies that are around tend to stay further from the house though.

Savings: Minimum of $38 in first 6 months.

Initial savings of $2.00 but long term savings will add up to more than $as the bottle of Citronella Oil will last me for at least a year where the can of flyspray would last about 3 or 4 weeks.  Over 6 months of flying insect weather this would cost me about $43.

Can of flyspray $7.20 for 100g
Citronella Oil - $5.20.  Portion used - approx 20c worth.
Rags free.


These were great!  Win win!  I had one for breakfast one morning and found it kept me full enough until lunchtime.  I'll definitely be making these regularly,  keeping the basic recipe but changing the flavours from time to time.  The downside is they don't last long in our house :)

Bushland around the Glasshouse Mountains


The BBQ sauce was a big hit with all my taste testers.  I gave my daughter and son-in-law a bottle and they used it the next night to marinate some steak and also put it on the steak once it was cooked.   I hear the bottle is almost empty already ♥   

Savings = $15.00 on the entire batch.
$2.50 for HP 250ml sauce at Woolworths - My costs for homemade BBQ sauce = $1.50 per 250ml and mine is healthier, no preservatives or added chemicals and mostly organic ingredients.


It's a little early to tell as this was only yesterday but so far so good.  I feel a whole lot better now that I know what income we get and where it is going.  The spreadsheet linked to the post also calculates what percentage of your income is spent in which areas.  It has made me more determined to take measures to save on things like electricity and water.  It has also made me think twice when I go to buy something, do I really need or want this? Can I use something else instead?

My savings this week are about $65, not bad for a little extra work and much better on our mortgage than in the supermarket pockets.  Now I need to actually go and put it there!

Hope your week was successful.



  1. love the wrap up..good work for the successes you had...keep up the good work..

  2. Lovely post, the photos are amazing!


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