Saturday, 21 January 2012

A little bit of Crazy

I love crazy patchwork.

Crazy quilting was an elegant Victorian pastime enjoyed by ladies who would piece together lush fabrics and embellish the seams with beautiful embroidery stitches.

This hobby actually began out of necessity in Colonial days where people would make new and useful garments by saving the good fabric from clothing and linens, cutting out the worn parts then seaming the useful pieces together.  I'm sure they didn't look as fancy as those of the Victorian women.

Silk ribbon lavender spray and button caterpillar
I love that you can look and look and look at a piece of crazy patchwork and always see something new and fascinating, and so I thought I would show you some photos of a bolster cushion I made a couple of years ago.

Scrunched organza ribbon embellished with beads and charms
Large spider and couched gold thread web
Traditionally crazy patchwork has either a spider in a web or just the web.  You can see more crazy patchwork spiders here on Jen's blog sewsocrazy

The complete bolster cushion
I love to make beautiful things to decorate our home and this bolster cushion lives on our bed where I get to see it everyday.  One day it will be an heirloom to one of my children and maybe even my grandchildren.

Button cluster and some beaded seam treatments

Silk ribbon Fushia spray and various seam treatments

My initial 'C' embroidered in flowers
I gather the fabrics from old clothes too worn to pass onto others, Op shops and swapping with friends who also do 'crazy'.  Buttons come from my button tin which I have had for years, beads, embroidery floss, laces and ribbons come from a variety of craft stores.

Beaded fly stitch and fancy yarn space filler

Bullion stitch flowers and silk ribbon roses seam cluster
Writing this post and looking over the photos has encouraged me to pull out the 'cream on cream' crazy patchwork cushion I was working on.  Hopefully one day soon it will be finished and be able to post it here for you to see.



  1. gorgeous are so talented.. and it is beautiful..makes me want to get busy once again..

  2. Beautiful! I'm a paper crafter and don't really like sewing, but I'd love to have beautiful items like this cushion.


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