Sunday, 15 January 2012

Preparing to return to work - Organizing Paperwork

The pile of dumped mail and other paperwork is mounting up on our kitchen bench and needs to be sorted and then either filed, dealt with or thrown away.  We have two - 4 drawer filing cabinets, one for my husbands work and the other for our family paperwork.  Usually after we open the mail and pay the bills or check our bank statements etc, we file them in this filing cabinet, but it seems that first they have to 'do time' on the kitchen bench.  No matter how hard I try or how much I promise myself that I'm going to keep this mess contained and file them as they arrive, I don't do it.

Mess on bench waiting to be organized
However today is the day to deal with the pile so I can go off to work next week clear headed knowing that another of those nagging jobs has been accomplished.

While sorting out this pile of paperwork I am also starting a new smaller convenient file that will contain all our important documents that we just can't live without.  This nice bright blue file should work well, easy to spot and easy to pick up and take with us if there is ever an emergency.  It contains things like all our Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificate, Passports, Insurance Policies, Contracts, Health Funds, Car Registration, a copy of Licenses, Bank Accounts and other important documents that would make life difficult if they were lost or destroyed.  Think of it like your financial and legal survival kit.

It is a year this week since the Brisbane and Queensland floods that devastated so many peoples homes and businesses and while our house was not flooded it still pays to be prepared.  We are in a bushy area with forestry close by so there is a fire danger in Summer, and we also have been known to have the occasional cyclone.

Tidy and organized kitchen bench
There now doesn't that look better?  The red folder contains just a few pieces of paperwork that need to be dealt with and so I don't forget them if filed away, they can stay on the bench in this very noticeable red folder!  I also cleaned out the drawer of hidden paperwork that I didn't confess to earlier.

When we lived in the Middle East we had a version of this 'emergency kit' with things in it like a change of clothes, snacks, passports, medications and some money, just in case we were evacuated or had to get out quickly.  It was our 'Grab and Run' bag.  I am happy to report that we never had to use it!


  1. Hi Chez.
    I'm pretty new to blogging too and found your blog via Frugal and Thriving. I'm putting you in my Google reader so I can keep up with your blog.
    I so need one of those red folders too! Will have to get one next time I go shopping, and give it a try :)
    Really like your blog. Are you a Queenslander too? Our house narrowly missed flooding last January.

  2. Thanks for visiting! Yes we are in Queenslanders :)

  3. Enjoying your blog Cheryl xo Viv Hobbs (Aussie Rose)


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