Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Preparing to return to work - Starting back morning routine

Yesterday was my first day back at work and so now my time is limited to do everything that needs doing around the house, yard and raising a family.

I have found the best way for me to cope is to have a routine in the mornings before I head out the door to work.  I have about an hour and a half each morning and so my routine looks like this:

Get up and make the bed straight away.  Open up the house, blinds and windows etc to let the fresh air in, feed the dog and put on a load of washing if one needs doing.  Then I make my breakfast which is usually just toast and coffee and while that is cooking I make school and work lunches for the day.  So far this has taken me about 15 or 20 minutes.
Laundry hanging on the outside line
Next I read and answer emails, check Facebook and start my next blog post while eating breakfast.  I get dressed, then head out to water the vegetable garden and fill the dogs water bowl and throw the ball for the dog while I'm about it.

Then it's back inside to finish getting myself ready, empty the dishwasher and quickly tidy the kitchen, and main living areas.  How much tidying depends on how much time I have left before I have to leave for work or whether I did a load of laundry that now needs to be hung out on the line.  We don't have a clothes dryer so all our laundry gets hung on either the outside line to dry in the sun or the line on the patio if it is raining.

If there is no laundry to put on I might have time to get dinner into the slow cooker instead and I love it when this happens as I come home from work and breathe a sigh of relief that dinner is already sorted.

That's about it for the mornings but I find that doing these small things help to keep things running smoothly.  If I don't veer off this path too much, when I come home from work the house is generally tidy, the kitchen clean, dishwasher empty and ready for the evening dishes and the vegetable garden has survived the Summer heat.
Roast Chicken and Vegetables  for dinner - Paleo Friendly
Evening meals for the working week usually consist of one or two of my pre-prepared meals and the others are easy to cook meals like a roast where I can come home put the roast on to cook and basically forget about it until dinner time.  Alternatively we have something like cold chicken and salad that is quick and easy to prepare.  This allows me to do other things with that time.  We always do the dishes at night and that includes wiping down the stove top, kitchen benches and the sinks.  I think there is nothing worse than facing last nights dinner dishes the next morning.  This way there is little tidying up to do in the kitchen during my morning rush.

After we've finished dinner and the dishes are done I can relax in front of the TV and knit or with a book to unwind before bed.

I find this routine keeps me up-to-date with most things throughout the week and the housework doesn't build up so much that I have no time to spend with my family or to myself on weekends.  A little bit of extra effort through the week (and I mean just 5 or 10 minutes here and there) and it takes a whole load off on the weekends.  


  1. Wow, you are so organized! When I worked full-time and had to get kids ready for school etc. I guess I was pretty organized too. Now I work part-time from home and the kids are old enough to drive themselves to work, I've slackened off! It's easy to get lazy when you don't have to be somewhere by 8-9am. I've always been a zombie in the mornings, but I was organized once, so there's no excuse!

  2. Thanks Sammyleia, The subject of organization has been the discussion around many a table with friends and the general view seems to be that the more days you work in paid employment the better organized you tend to be :) Probably because we have to be I guess.


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