Thursday, 19 January 2012

Re-growing Celery

Did you ever grow carrot tops as a kid?  I did.  I remember Mum used to cut off the top of the orange part of the carrot and I would place it on some wet cotton wool in an old jar lid and watch over the next few days as the green carrot tops re-grew.   Although this was fun as a kid, the actual carrot never re-grew but recently I found an article about re-growing celery.

Whether you buy a bunch of celery from the store or harvest it out of your garden you can use it once and grow it again.  I just had to experiment and give it a try and so far so good.

Cut your celery bunch across the bottom about 3 or 4 cms up.  Put it in a bowl of tepid water about
2 cms deep, and place it outside or in the window so it gets good light.  This is what the cut off bunch looks like.

Cut off bottom of a celery bunch
After a few days you should notice little leaves just starting to emerge in the centre and roots growing from the bottom.  Plant the celery into your garden or a pot in a sunny position with the leaves and top of the celery poking out of the soil.  Your celery will continue to grow and soon produce a lovely new bunch completely free!
New stalks and leaves after 4 days
Obviously, like all gardening, some will work and some won't.  I wonder if you can keep doing this with the same bunch over and over?

The celery takes a few weeks to fully re-grow but you can use stalks along the way but just cutting one or two off when you need them and leaving the rest in the garden to grow.

Store celery in water to keep fresh
Lessons from my Mum for refreshing tired celery or keeping your celery fresh longer ----- Take the cut off stalks, wash them and place them in a jar of water.  Keep on the kitchen bench or in the fridge and use as normal.  Celery is very thirsty so you have to keep topping up the water.  I've revived some pretty tired looking celery with this trick.   

Gardening on your kitchen bench......who would have thought!


  1. Apparently you can regrow spring onions the same way =D... something I must try =D

  2. Yes you can. Stay tuned for tomorrow's post :)

  3. WOW! That's fantastic! I would have never guessed!

  4. Oh I have to try this - last year I bought a six pack of celery plants and they did very well, but that was a lot of celery! Would be nice just to have one or two.

  5. Wow! Got here from Down to Earth, and am really excited to try this! Thanks for the tips!


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