Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Ugh I hate flies

It is Summer here in Australia and we seem to have an abundance of flies this year.  We have moved to live in a new town and perhaps being a little more rural it is normal to have this amount of flies but they are driving me crazy.
I am taking measures to reduce the fly population around our house in as non-toxic a way as possible so I'm trying some natural recipes and methods I found in this wonderful book my daughter gave me for Christmas this year.

First of all we have installed a barrier as a deterrent by way of this beaded curtain and it has helped but not enough as the flies still slip through.

Beaded Curtain
Next I checked around the yard for possible fly breeding areas.  Susceptible areas are usually, pets bedding, compost heaps, garbage bins, rubbish piles and chicken pens.  As we don't have chickens or any piles of rubbish I started with our bin which I found was definitely attracting a lot of flies.  Our other hot spot was where the dog tends to hang out on our patio.

We pick up the dog poop every second day to keep the yard clean and prevent fly breeding which I'm  sure helps. Our compost bin is a sealed compost ball, another Christmas present this year, and so that is not a problem.

Compost Ball
So with problem areas identified, I was ready to take action.  The author in the above book suggests using repellent oils to deter flies from the house and some of the suggested oils were citronella, peppermint, lavender and eucalyptus.  

Citronella Oil and rag strips
I tore a few strips off an old sheet and soaked them in Citronella oil which I then tied in little bows to our external doors and placed some hanging inside our garbage bins.  The cost of this little exercise was $5.70 for the citronella oil and I only used about 2 cents worth of it anyway.  That is a big savings on a can of fly spray which cost about the same as the Citronella oil and is something I would rather keep out of our house because of the chemicals in it.

Citronella oil rag strips as deterrent to flies and mosquitos
You can also grow pots fly repellent herbs near the doorways to your home, pennyroyal, lavender, basil, rosemary, thyme and mint are good choices and you get the added benefit of having lovely fresh herbs for your cooking.
That little job is on my to do list as I am sure they look much nicer than my citronella soaked bows on the doors.

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  1. anything that nworks with flies...has to be a bonus, when they are bad


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