Friday, 3 February 2012


I have started our 'Spending Tracker' spreadsheet.  I keep all my dockets and enter the amounts into the spreadsheet and it tallies up each column and also gives a grand total of spending for the month.  I just created a simple sheet in Microsoft Excel.

Spending Tracker Spreadsheet
It includes spending in areas like groceries, takeout, hair & beauty, transport, craft, gardening, school extras, sports, entertainment & other.  It is not a complete financial tracking sheet that includes electricity, gas, car payments, credit cards or our mortgage because it's purpose is to capture the spending of small eftpos or cash purchases at random times rather than regular payments.

So far it is working quite well although I'm sure there will be a few things I have missed along the way.  The important thing is that I have started and as I go along I will get better at keeping dockets and writing down my spending.  I don't think it is important to wait until the start of a new month to begin to do this, just start straight away with today's date and off you go.

If you would like a copy of the spreadsheet I'm happy to email it to you.  As I said it is pretty basic, but why complicate things that are complicated enough.

Dockets saved to enter into the Spending Tracker

There is a great blog here Gail Vaz Oxlade that has a lot of good advice on debt reduction and budgeting.  Gail also has interactive and downloadable worksheets on budgets, your networth, student cashflow, holiday spending plans and more.  Check them out, I think they are a great resource.


  1. Can you email it to me? I need to do this also specially with Dave studying this year we need to watch our spending.

  2. Just started mine as well. Love that Excel will add up as I go. I use color to code different categories. Fun!

  3. Vanessa I emailed you a copy this morning.
    Justice, I'm really enjoying using mine and am trying to be very diligent. I've colour coded across the entire row if I have a 'No Spend' day that day. It is a visual reward for being good :)


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