Monday, 6 February 2012

In the Vegetable Garden

Summer here in southern Queensland is usually quite hot and steamy with a fair amount of rainfall as we are considered a semi-tropical climate. This means that it is not great for growing vegetables at this time of the year as the conditions are ripe for all sorts of fungal diseases and pests.

Sweet corn and re-grown celery plant

I did however plant Sweet Corn about 4 weeks ago as the garden beds were virtually empty except for a lonely capsicum bush and some parsley. Sweet Corn requires a lot of water if you want juicy sweet cobs and with all our rain and warm weather it is growing beautifully. See the re-grown celery just at the end of the corn bed? This is the celery from my previous blog post here on regrowing your store bought celery.

Seed tray with Broccoli and Leeks seeds - recycled cat litter tray

This year however the temperature has been below average and although it is really quite humid because we have had so much rain, I decided to make a start on my seedlings a few weeks early. Yesterday I sowed seeds of Broccoli, Bush Beans and Leeks, fingers crossed they will all do well.  I have used the cat litter tray from the recycle centre in Saturday's post.

Recycled seed tray with drainage holes

The drainage holes in the cat litter tray were created by heating up a skewer over the gas flame and just poking it through until I had as many as I needed.

Making seedling tags
More recycling with making my own seedling markers.  Cut up an old clean ice cream or yogurt container into strips.  Cut one end into a point for easier insertion into the soil.  You can write on these with some regular pens or a white board marker if you would like to wipe off and reuse.

Dismal attempts at tomato growing in these hanging containers
I don't have a lot of vegetable growing area in just the two garden beds in the top photo, so I have tried growing tomatoes and strawberries in these hanging planters.

As you can see I didn't have very much success with the tomatoes at all. The plant was only small and each one only produced 1 or 2 fruit so when it is time to plant tomatoes again this year I am going back to growing them in a normal garden bed.  The strawberries went okay and I will give them another try this year.

Has anyone else had any success with these bags?


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  1. What a great garden! I'm looking forward to starting my seeds soon.


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