Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Living for Less - Freecycle

Isn't it grand when you can get stuff you need for free.  We have an online group in the area where we live called 'Freecycle' where people advertise things they are decluttering or alternatively advertise things they need, and others reciprocate.

Last weekend I placed a 'Wanted' advertisement on our local Freecycle website asking for a medium size dog bed for our dog.  I knew that in a few months the weather would start to cool down and he wouldn't want to be sleeping on the concrete.

I had a number of replies and could easily have collected about 8 or so of these dog beds from generous group members.

Free dog bed

I chose the closest to where I lived to also save on the cost of petrol to pick it up.

This is the one that I picked up and we were lucky enough that it also had a cover, which is in dire need of a good scrubbing, but with the weather being so wet at the moment and the fact that the dog already loves his new bed, I'm going to have to steal it from him over the weekend, clean it and dry it quickly in the sun if we get any so he can have it back.

The lovely lady who gave us the dog bed also has an amazing collection of Bromeliads which she was more than happy to share with me as well.  These are the beauties that I came home with and I promptly potted them up to display on my patio.  Eventually when the new garden bed is ready I will transplant some of them there.

We have also collected other items from Freecycle like a TV for my son who is moving out of home soon and some text books for university.  We have also given things away like a set of drums, furniture and moving boxes.

Freecycle has organizations in different countries around the world.  You can do an internet search to find one near you however if you follow the link below it will get you started.  It really is a wonderful resource.

The Freecycle Network



  1. Wow, that's excellent. I've joined up with Freecycle now as I think it's a wonderful idea. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Good for you Sammyleia. I hope it is a success for you. I would love to hear how you go with it and what lovely bargains you pick up.

  3. WOW! This sounds like a fantastic group! It's really cool when people take it upon themselves to reduce their footprint by recycling/swapping!


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