Thursday, 9 February 2012

The Trap is Set

We have noticed a little visitor about the house over the last few weeks.  A mouse or two, maybe more!  I think they are moving in to escape the deluge of water falling from the sky daily over the past few weeks.

One of the teenagers admitted to seeing it in his room and was conducting experiments as to how much it would eat.....conclusion 1/2 an almond a night....for all I know it might even have a name by now.

The Clever Mouse Trap

On my visit to the hardware store the other day I spotted these new fancy mousetraps and thought I would give one a try.

I have loaded the trap with some tempting peanut butter for a bait, just as the instructions told me and now we wait....

The trap ready and waiting

The idea is that the mouse smells the bait, enters the trap and it's weight lifts the end of the trap and the door snaps shut neatly concealing the mouse inside.  The mouse can then be released into the wild.

And look what we caught.......

A mouse right down there in the bottom
I released it out into the bush around our estate and am hoping he doesn't come back.  Now to set the trap again and see if there are any more.  I'm thinking there probably are.

Free BBQ - mouse hunting bonus

The mouse trap has certainly paid for itself, while I was being all humane and releasing this mouse into the wild I spotted this barbeque down the road from our house that was being given away.  I picked it up for my son who has just moved into his own house with some mates.  A house full of boys and a BBQ, what more could they want?

Chez -
Master mouse hunter

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