Sunday, 5 February 2012

Weekly wrap up

Last Sunday I started a new theme on the blog of a weekly wrap up of my successes and failures throughout the last week.  This is the wrap up for this week and a few more photos of our beautiful local scenery.


In this post I was talking about getting rid of as many toxins in our home as possible.  The all-purpose citrus cleaner is great and I use it for everything and the deodorant sprays I made are a success and making these myself at home would have saved me about $10.00.

Pumicestone Passage Caloundra

This post was just a look at a pretty at a cushion I made a few years ago using the crazy patchwork technique and embroidery.  Very economical form of craft and a lovely way to make something special for your home.


The 'Living for Less' was a huge success.  Everything in this post was for free thanks to the wonderful 'Freecycle Group'.  Savings here were in excess of $150 if I was to go out and actually buy the dog bed, cover and bromeliads new.

Mouth of Pumice stone Passage at Caloundra

Freezer meals save me so much time when I'm working.  Last week I had a stressful day at work and walked in the door tired and weary only to smell the dinner wafting through the house.  It bought a smile to my face to know that I had put a freezer meal in the slow cooker and dinner was ready.

Mouth of Pumice Stone Passage looking towards Bribie Island

The budget 'Spending Tracker' is working really well.  I'm so glad I started this as it makes me thing before I buy because I know that I have to be accountable for that money and it is written on the spreadsheet in plain sight.  I have decided to highlight across each row that I have a 'No Spend' day, it is great to see those days adding up across the sheet.


My morning at the recycling centre was great and I must really go there more often.  Not only did I save things from going into landfill somewhere to lie there forever,  I saved us a heap of money as well,
probably about $90 in all.

Wow so technically over this week I have saved a total of about $250.  Now if I actually had that to put on my mortgage those kinds of savings could really make a difference!

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