Sunday, 12 February 2012

Weekly Wrap Up

This week in review


We have had more rain, humidity and good sunny days as well over the past week and the corn is now nearly twice as high as it was on last Monday's post.  I think I have a friendly grasshopper or two as I have noticed some munching on a few leaves but have sprayed with my trusty Garlic and Chilli Pest Spray and hopefully that will deter them.

The Leek seeds have just started to emerge but no sign of the beans or broccoli yet.

Sweet corn with the male flower just beginning to show.  A few grasshopper nibbles on some leaves.


The water feature is still working beautifully.  I turn it off at night to conserve electricity.

Water pump from recycle centre $8 + other bits to fix $2.80 -  New pump $69 = saving of  $58.20.

Still working beautifully a week later - success :)


Muesli balls turned out to be just as big a hit with the family as muesli bars or muesli biscuits.  They were a little bit too sweet for my liking though and next time I would put less honey into the mixture.  Also I think I would try to tip them out onto a board to cool so that the honey mix doesn't stick to the sides of the pan when it has cooled.


Our little mouse friend is running free somewhere in the bush near our estate.  However I did learn one thing - don't wash out the mouse trap and leave it outside to dry with the puppy.  Apparently it makes a good chew toy.  So I lost money there $3.99 to replace the mouse trap.

 Nodding Violet 
The Nodding Violet in the photo above was a little tiny cutting from a friend for a house warming gift and it is doing wonderfully.


Using what food you have available and trying not to waste any of it can amount to considerable savings every week.  Broccoli is nearly $6 a kilo at the moment so using the stem is saving me half of my money spent to buy the bunch in the first place and quickly adds up.  A half kilo bunch of broccoli every couple of weeks will cost approximately $78 in a year.  If you are not using the stem of the broccoli you are throwing away about $35 worth every year.

Any food that is thrown away is food that you paid good money for.


This lamb stew is easy and economical to make.  I estimate that it costs me less than $10 to feed 4-6 people.

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