Sunday, 19 February 2012

Weekly Wrap Up

Read on for this weeks wrap up.


This was not a good day, the day I woke up to find my over half grown sweet corn scattered around the backyard by our labrador puppy.  I am still to gather materials to build a fence but might have to look at that this weekend. Financial loss - $2.99 for the punnet of seedlings.


Encouraging your children to adopt healthy eating habits.  I believe I save money by preparing my own snacks and also by having the fruit washed and cut up ready to be eaten.  This way it actually does get eaten instead of becoming some wrinkled, unrecognizable science experiment in the crisper drawer of the refrigerator.


Definitely a winner here.  The homemade hommus is quick easy and economical and because it is full of protein it is a very filling snack too.  The Tortilla chips were made from something that would normal have been thrown away because they were a bit stale.


A list of handy kitchen hints and tips that I regularly use in my own home.

Garlic cloves with skin on
Here is another one to add that I saw on TV last night.  Fast Ed, a chef on Better Homes & Gardens, showed how to peel garlic by putting the cloves in a large bowl, covering it with another large bowl the same size and shaking like crazy.  I tried it in a jar and it works just as well.

After vigorous shaking activity.

You take the whole bulb of garlic and smash it with a knife to separate the cloves.  Put the cloves in a jar, put the lid on tightly and shake shake shake.  The skins fall right off.  How easy is that!


What can I say, I loved paper dolls when I was a kid and my girls loved them too.  This site has them for free so lots of fun for the kiddies and sanity and savings for the parents to be had here.  I also noticed one of the link had paper doll birthday cards to print out.  

I printed these Heritage Paper Dolls out for myself to have a little play with and show you.


Well this has got to be a positive for the week.   I received a Liebster Blog Award which is an award for new bloggers nominated by one of their followers who have enjoyed reading their blog regularly.

Hope your weekend was productive and restful


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  1. I have found a jar key great. No strength required any more to open those pesky jars!


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