Sunday, 26 February 2012

Weekly Wrap Up

This weeks overview of successes and........well, lets call them......learning opportunities :)


Growing sprouts was almost instant gratification.  You can see them growing day by day and in less than a week you are eating your own home grown produce.  Much quicker than waiting for months for veggies in the garden and therefore a great activity to do with the kids.
Cost a few cents for the seeds.  Savings approx $3 every punnet.


The wax has sunk in the middle as it cooled.
I was really happy with these candles.  I can display my antique teacups anywhere in the house now and they look really nice.  I found that the candles sink in the middle a bit now that they have cooled so I did a little research on why.  Apparently wax will do that when it cools and usually you have to keep a little aside and do a repour on top once the first pour has hardened.  You can also buy 'one pour' wax now that doesn't sink in the middle but obviously that won't work if you are using the cheap candles from the discount stores or ones you already have like I did.

2 Teacup candles cost $2 for 1 x medium size church candle from discount store.  (I already had the teacups)


It only takes me about 10 minutes to go around the outside of my house with a broom and get these moth eggs down, which I did right after I wrote this post but today I noticed that there are more back again.  It is a weekly process and to get good control of these lawn grubs I'm going to keep at it as I don't want to use chemicals to treat them.  Lawn grub granules and sprays contain Bifenthren which the EPA has stated is a class C carcinogen and it has been banned in the European union since 2009.  Read more here.
Savings = Broom free, lawn grub killer $15


Apple Pancakes
These tasted lovely but were very fiddle to try to flip over and maintain a pancake like appearance.  In saying that I would make them again if I wanted some Paleo friendly pancakes.


Knitting socks will never be more economical than buying yourself a pair so there are no savings to be had here unless the yarn was donated or a gift, but knitting is quite time consuming as a hobby and therefore the few weeks it takes me to knit one pair of socks is relatively cheap.  I also do crafts like scrapbooking and quilting and in comparison to those knitting is quite economical especially if you use thinner yarns as they take longer to knit into a project.


Weetbix slice with lemon icing.
I have to call this a success when it is eaten within 2 days and there are only 3 people in the house at the moment. It's also a pretty good sign when the kids walk by when you are cooking it and say "oh yum, weetbix slice".
Cost of this slice to make would be approximately $1.50 and makes 16 good size slices.  

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