Monday, 5 March 2012

March Madness

March is a busy time in the garden here in the semi-tropics.  The weather has just started to take the edge off the heat (well maybe not this week), we get plenty of rain and with it humidity, and so the lawn is growing madly and demanding a lot of time, citrus needs a bit of tender loving care, seeds need to be sown and it's time to prepare the vegetable beds for planting Winter crops.

Old woven raffia bag, holding potted plants

As if that wasn't enough I've found the most amazing cottage gardens on Pinterest and I'm just itching to put some of their great ideas into my own garden.  One of the things I have enjoyed seeing lately is all the different things people use for plant pots.  There are flowers blooming out of old boots, brightly coloured drawers, bread tins, milk jugs, in fact pretty much anything you can think of.  

There was even a photo of an old VW Beetle with the bonnet removed and then where the engine usually sits it had flowers.  It was just lovely and if my yard was bigger........ well!

I took myself off an a foraging trip to the recycle centre knowing that they had all sorts of quirky items there that would be just begging me to bring home and fill them with flowers. 

Holes drilled in the bottom for drainage
The raffia bag in the top photo was intended to be filled with potting mix and Petunias but looks really nice with these couple of potted plants in there.  The plant on the left was one I picked up from Freecycle, actually I picked up two of them.  They would have cost me about $25.00 in a nursery.

Cane basket lined with a spare hanging basket liner
This cane basket has been planted out with Petunias.  I had a spare basket liner which I just had to cut and curve to make it fit a bit better.  Soon the petunias will hang down over the edges and conceal the liner and most of the basket too.

Wooden bowl planted full of Blue Lobelias
This is a hand turned camphor wood bowl.  When I was drilling holes in the base of it for drainage I could smell the camphor wood.  I hope it doesn't make any difference to these lovely Blue Lobelias.  I am trying to disguise my big ugly air conditioner boxes and the electrician that came out the other day said that shading them would help reduce electricity costs.  I don't think he meant with trailing plants though.

Watering can planted out with Petunias
The watering can is not a recycled item.  I bought it new from a discount store that had them reduced to $5.  A few holes drilled in the bottom for drainage and voila.... a snazzy pot for some more Petunias.  I'm getting quite handy with a drill.

In a few weeks I am hoping to be able to update this blog with photos of a flower abundance in my yard.

Happy Autumn everyone.


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  1. those pots are going to look a treat when the a bit of a weird potter mysef and they do look good


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