Saturday, 3 March 2012

Slow Living Month 2

Over at 'Slow Living Essentials' blog, Christine is running a Month by Month diary style post of what she has achieved over the past month.
She has invited other bloggers to join in and I thought it would be a good way of summing up and keeping a track of how things are going in my goals to slow down, live healthy and do more of the things I enjoy.

I didn't join in last month due to time constraints and even though I am feeling rushed and not at all like I am succeeding at any 'slow living' at the moment, I have decided to put in a little extra effort to join in for month #2.  Maybe in taking stock of what I have achieved will help me to feel better about my efforts or show up a need to re-evaluate and see where I am actually heading with all of this.  It is also supposed to be done on the first day of each month for the previous month so already I am late with this post.

There are 9 categories to fess up to so here goes.....

Nourish - A few more Paleo friendly recipes were tried although we have fallen off the wagon a bit in this department.  I got back to making my own fresh hommus and teaming it with homemade tortilla chips.  I also tried homemade muesli bars for school lunch boxes.

PrepareI began to stock the pantry with homemade jams and sauces.  Having a well stocked pantry full of foods that you know all the ingredients of is a good start to being healthy.  This month I  have made plum jam and chinese plum sauce. 

Reduce - I'm reducing landfill by continuing to advertise things I no longer need or want in our local 'Freecycle' group.  I have also been the beneficiary of some items from others.  Together we are all stopping those things from being thrown out and filling up the local landfill facility.  They say 'One mans trash is another mans treasure'.  The photo below is a plant that a lovely freecycler was giving away and I have given it a new home.  Tomorrow I have arranged with another freecycle member to pick up another two pot plants.  Soon I will have the garden that I want and it will have costs me less because of other peoples generosity.

Green - A visit to our local recycling centre has been on my weekend list of places to go a couple of times this month and I have picked up some gardening tools there and the water pump that I fixed my outdoor water feature with.  I have also cut up an old sheet to use as rags and have stored some cleaned milk cartons ready to use as soap molds when I next make soap.

Enhance - I regularly attend a local church and one Sunday we had Sam Childers, the 'Machine Gun Preacher' there who has an amazing ministry in the south of Sudan rescuing children from mutilation, torture and death.  Hollywood has just released the movie about his story with actor Gerard Butler as the main actor.  Here is the trailer from the movie.

Grow - Well this one is a bit difficult to write about since the episode of the dog pulling out all my corn crop.  I didn't end up replanting it as he revisited the crime scene everyday while I was at work and helped himself to a little more.  The only growing and harvesting that occurred this month was in my Alfalfa Sprouts and the chili bush and parsley that the puppy doesn't enjoy chewing on.  I have also sprouted some leeks that will be transplanted into the garden in the coming weeks.

Create - I had to think about this one for awhile because I don't know that I have been very creative lately but I did manage to finish a pair of socks I had been knitting for awhile.  I also made some lovely smelling candles in antique tea cups that are just beautiful.  So I guess I have been more creative than I thought.  

Discover - The Climate Smart Home electrician who visited my home last week helped me to discover new ways to save on my electricity costs and gave me an energy monitor which I have been watching closely.  Now when I see the reading going up I go on a little journey of discovery about the house to see what appliances are on and why.  Most times it is because someone has left lights, fans or other appliances on in a room they are no longer in.

Enjoy - I enjoyed a lovely day down in the city with my son who recently moved there for university.  We went to GOMA (Gallery of Modern Art) that had an amazing exhibition by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama.  All these coloured dots in the photo above are put there by visitors to the exhibition.  When you enter you are given a few to place on any white places you can see.  There is about 3 'household' rooms all set up with different things like this piano, bookshelves a lounge, lamps, a complete dining table including place settings etc.  It really was a fabulous day and I couldn't show you just one photo so here's another below.



  1. LOVED that movie... Sam does incredible work! Its a rather full on movie in some parts but it just shows you the truth about what he does.
    CANT WAIT to try your plum sauce at our up coming BBQ =D
    Ooo and we are going to GOMA on Tuesday... cant wait =D

  2. Wow, the exhibition looks totally amazing! I bet you had fun placing your dots. I'm loving your idea of the teacup candles. :)

  3. Those dots photos are amazing, might have to get myself and the kids down to GoMA and stick a few on ourselves.

  4. Christine and Juggler it is really worth going to GOMA and seeing the exhibition, it will amaze you. There are other rooms too, not just the white room with sticky dots but one filled with giant flowers, another with big blow up red things with white dots, I think that was my favourite. Also there is a fairy wonderland or something like that in another exhibition. We didn't go into that one as there were a few schools lined up.


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