Sunday, 4 March 2012

Weekly Wrap Up

Wow the weeks are just flying by at the moment and these weekly wrap ups seem to come around quickly.  Here is a look at what happened at Monarch Place this week.  The last 3 photos throughout this post are of the creek near our house.  The 'Monarch Place' header is also from the same creek.


We had a little chat about getting things done.  Things that we procrastinate about.  I tried this out on my teenager to get him mowing the lawn and it worked.  He managed nearly 3/4's of the back lawn in 15 minutes, now to get him to do the rest.
The grass got so long while the mower was in for repairs - 3 weeks between cuts.

This post was about making Chinese Plum Sauce for ribs or for a dipping sauce.  It turned out really well and tastes lovely on the end of my finger but I'm yet to use it in cooking.  Maybe this week.
It is very cost effective making your own.  I produced 5 bottles of home made sauce at an estimated cost of about $1 - $1.50 per bottle.  Store bought plum sauce is closer to $4.50 - $5 per bottle so a win win situation here.


Similar to Tuesdays post except this time I had some home-made plum jam.  It is yummy, only cost me $1.30 per jar to make whereas store bought jam costs between $1.50 for the cheap imitation jams to $4.50+ for a gourmet jam.


The Climate Smart home visit has to be a winner.  What is there to lose in learning how to save money on your electricity account?  The electrician gave me some helpful items, monitors, globes, standby eliminators and lots of good advice.  It has been interesting watching the power usage monitor to see what is happening.


I hope you are all enjoying my 'secret salad dressing' recipe.  Making your own dressing is so quick and easy and you know exactly what is in it.


I have joined Christine at Slow Living Essentials blog, and a host of other bloggers in a 'once a month' account of how I think I have gone in my goals for the last month.  A bit like the weekly wrap up I guess but with more detail and a slightly different perspective.  This is the first month I have participated and at first I thought I probably hadn't accomplished much but I was pleasantly surprised, which is the whole purpose of the exercise.

Thanks to everyone who follows the blog and to those who leave comments.  It is always nice to know that I'm not just rattling on to myself (and my mum and daughter who I know are regular readers).

If you have never commented please take the plunge and introduce yourself and if you find yourself revisiting here time and time again why not click the 'Follow' button down the right-hand side.  I would love to see you there.


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