Thursday, 5 April 2012

100 Things to Teach Your Child

The circle of life.  From the day our children are born we are preparing them to leave us.  We want them to grow up and be independent adults, fully able to take care of themselves.
My grandson the day he was born
When they are just babes in arms we teach them how to self-sooth and go to sleep on their own, soon after, how to hold things, a cup, bottle or spoon so they can feed themselves, then how to take control of their little bodies with learning to roll over, sit up, crawl, walk, talk and potty training.

Teach them to play and have fun
Next comes more refining of those basic skills, teaching them to 'not run in the house', to have good manners, to use kind words and socialize .  Then we send them off to school to learn to read, write and more about the world they live in.

The teenage years come along and we spend hours in the car teaching them the road rules and how to drive safely, to say no to drugs, and what moral values our family holds.

Table etiquette in an Arabic majlis in Qatar
Eventually they leave the nest, perhaps to live with friends, move away for work or study or to travel and continue their own education about the world.  One day they may even marry and have their own kids and then the circle of life begins all over again.

To date I have raised 4 wonderful children who have made good life choices and I am proud of each and every one of them. That is not to say that I have the perfect family or that it has been an easy road, but now we are at the time in our lives that we can say to ourselves that we have done a good job raising our children, instilling our values into their lives, and can now watch them take flight on their own chosen path.

Good work ethic and taking care of things - My 19 year old many years ago.
It is wonderful to watch our eldest child raise her first born and our first grandchild. She is a great mother just as I knew she would be. Our other daughter and our eldest son are both at university following their career dreams and the youngest is still at school, working towards graduation and at present, his driving license.

My cousins new puppy - Be kind to animals
Many years ago I came across a list of 100 things you should teach your child and it was excellent. I've never been able to find that exact list again but here is one I put together that I think we have done with our children.  Of course it is not exhaustive and different families will have different priorities, but it is an interesting exercise to do with your own family.

100 Things to Teach Your Child
  1. How to swim
  2. Tie their shoes
  3. Clean their teeth
  4. Respect others
  5. Be kind to animals
  6. Drive a car
  7. Cook basic meals
  8. Write a letter
  9. Control money so money doesn't control them
  10. Open a bank account
  11. Wash dishes
  12. Change a tyre
  13. Check oil, water and other fluids in their car
  14. Good manners
  15. Table etiquette
  16. Do laundry
  17. Sew on a button
  18. Vacuum and dust
  19. Mow the lawn
  20. Ride a bicycle
  21. Basic first aid
  22. Read a map
  23. Follow instructions
  24. Iron clothes
  25. Cover your nose and mouth when sneezing or coughing
  26. Change a lightbulb
  27. Use a hammer
  28. Grow something
  29. Take care of a pet
  30. Love God
  31. Hold a conversation with an adult
  32. Catch public transport
  33. Pick your battles
  34. Whistle
  35. Start a campfire
  36. Sun safety
  37. How to fish
  38. Tie a necktie
  39. Write a thank you note
  40. Shake hands
  41. How to introduce someone properly
  42. Play games
  43. Lose graciously
  44. Change a fuse
  45. Answer the phone
  46. Stranger danger
  47. Cross the road
  48. Bake
  49. Operate a computer
  50. Look after each other
  51. Give to the community
  52. Be generous
  53. Eat healthy foods
  54. How to vote
  55. Where to seek help
  56. Cook a barbeque
  57. Tell a story
  58. Be responsible for their actions
  59. Shave
  60. Pay bills on time
  61. Read a contract
  62. Good work ethic
  63. Find a phone number or address
  64. Use a dictionary
  65. Fire drill in your home
  66. Prepare for an emergency
  67. Use a library
  68. Read a timetable or schedule
  69. Tie knots
  70. Tow a trailer
  71. It's okay to be wrong
  72. Set short term and long term goals
  73. Use a fire extinguisher
  74. Jump start a car
  75. Be punctual
  76. Treat your partner well
  77. Relax
  78. Pitch a tent
  79. Ask for what you need
  80. Fill out forms
  81. Read a book
  82. Sew a hem
  83. Basic home remedies
  84. Flexibility when dealing with others
  85. It's okay to say no
  86. Get a good nights sleep
  87. Marry the person you love
  88. Apply makeup
  89. Dress appropriately for the situation
  90. Do their taxes
  91. Weigh the odds
  92. Trust in their own decisions
  93. Call '000' or '911'
  94. Shop carefully
  95. How to order at a restaurant
  96. Taste wine
  97. Create something beautiful
  98. Enjoy life
  99. And above all LOVE
Hope you enjoyed my list.  I am sure you can think of many many others that you could add.  I'd love to hear some of the things you have taught your children.


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  1. You are an awesome Mum, Mumsie =D. You and Dad have done a fantastic job raising us kids! Love you heaps Xx


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