Monday, 30 April 2012

Buderim Ginger Factory

I have been playing tourist guide to my Mum and Auntie this week, but despite the name 'Sunshine Coast' all we have had is rain for a couple of days so we were looking for somewhere to go that wouldn't be too outdoors.

Blue Ginger
We chose the Buderim Ginger Factory which is always on our list when Mum comes for a visit and we take a wander around the gardens to see the beautiful varieties of ginger plants and their amazing flowers. A highlight of the visit is always morning tea where we have Ginger Scones with cream and ginger jam.  It is just gorgeous!
Another very large ginger plant and a birds nest fern in the tree

Lily pond 
 I'm going to try growing my own edible ginger as I have always grown ornamental ginger plants and they grow easily and well in our climate.  Growing my own will give me fresh ginger for cooking as well as ginger for making our own ginger beer at Christmas time.

Red Heliconia
Over the next few weeks my blogging will be mainly about touring around our local area of the Sunshine Coast as I show my Mum and Aunty around.  I hope you will enjoy being a virtual tourist with us.
Bee Hive Ginger


  1. That looks like a beautiful place to visit. I love that blue ginger. I have often looked at it in the catalogue and wondered if I could find room for one more plant...

  2. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos. I haven't been to the Ginger Factory yet but my husband went there recently as part of a conference. He brought home a really yummy ginger spread.


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