Monday, 2 April 2012

National Year of Reading 2012

A few weeks ago I just discovered that this year has been declared Australia's first 'National Year of Reading'. Not only that but February 14th each year has been nominated the 'International Book Giving Day' through many countries, and I totally missed it!  I'm definitely going to be watching for this next year though.
This was my view last night as I sat in bed winding down from an already relaxing day.  A cup of peppermint tea, a hotcross bun and my Kindle.  Have I mentioned I love holidays?  Actually I'm not one to sit around reading all day, even if I have an amazing book, but prefer to be 'doing' things and pottering around the house and garden, however I do love to read and I read some of my current book every night.  If it is a gripping book and I can't put it down I pay for it the next morning by reading well into the night and waking up tired.

When we were traveling overseas a lot I invested in a Kindle e-reader.  I love it!  It is so comfortable to hold and easy on the eyes for reading.  Now I hardly read on anything else.  Probably 80% of the books I read on it are free downloads from the Kindle Book Store and the others I purchase for between 99c and $8.00.  However I think that it has only been once that I have paid upwards of about $3.00 so I have found it very economical.
While traveling it is so handy to be able to store as many books as I wanted onto the Kindle and not have to carry all that extra weight in my luggage, more room for souvenirs.  It also held my pdf knitting patterns.

I've just finished reading a trashy light reading novel about a wedding planner but am about to move onto reading 'The Hunger Games' because I want to see what all the fuss is about.  I think it is wise to follow up on what your kids are interested in.  One, because you need to know what they are investing themselves into and two, because it gives you interesting conversations to have with them about things they are interested in.  I was able to borrow this book from a library and would like to have it finished by the end of this holiday.

Another book I've read just recently is 'The Machine Gun Preacher' by Sam Childers.  It was an open, honestly written book about his life helping protect the lives of orphans in Sudan and Uganda.

Have you read anything interesting lately?  Do you participate in International Book Giving Day?
Way's you can participate are to give a book to a friend or child, leave a book in a waiting room or lobby, donate a book to your child's school library or to an aged care facility.  I'm sure you can think of plenty of others.


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  1. Oh what a lovely idea - and easy to remember! I always say I don't like "hallmark holidays" but I could totally give a book to those I love! I loved "the language of flowers" by Vanessa Diffenbaugh. I have the Machine gun Preacher on my list of reserves at the library. I got an e-reader for my birthday but I love the library so much I have not really taken to the e-reader.


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