Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Tea Cup Pincushions

I'm having a lovely relaxing time on holidays and spent a wonderful day yesterday clothes shopping at the DFO (Designer Fashion Outlet) with my daughter and grandson, helping her to spend her birthday money.  I even picked myself up a new shirt for work, I know boring right? But it was a bargain reduced from $39.95 to $9.95 and I also got a new dress for winter.  I have very few dresses in my wardrobe and thought I needed to change this fact.

So because I was out and about yesterday I thought I would blog about a craft that I did a few years ago and really must revisit sometime soon.

These teacup pincushions make a great gift for friends who love to sew.  These two were gifts and so I need to make myself one now to go in my 'soon to be' new craft room.

1. To make them you take a circle of fabric about the size of a large dinner plate and with a needle and cotton sew a running stitch around the edge, leaving a 6" tail at the start and finish so you can pull it up.

2. Pile as much fibre-fill stuffing inside it as you can (the stuff inside your pillows).  You could also use cotton or wool fibre too.  The lanolin in natural wool helps the pins from going rusty and so is probably the best choice if you have access to it.

3. Once you have a good amount of stuffing together, draw the circle up carefully so you don't break the thread and tie it off tightly, winding the ends around and around the bunch of fabric and secure by sewing the ends in.

4. Run some glue around the top inside edge of the teacup and press your fibre-filled cushion inside the cup.  Weigh it down with a book or something until the glue dries.  It doesn't matter if the glue is a bit messy as it will be hidden later.

5. Take some braid, lace, cord, ribbon or whatever you have and glue it around the lip of the cup.  Decorate with beads, flowers, buttons etc.

6. The last step is to glue the teacup onto its saucer.  Once the glue is dry you are finished!  Add a few pins and you have a lovely gift.

If you have been doing crafts for awhile you probably have most of what you need in your stash right now.  Teacups can be bought for just a few dollars from a secondhand or thrift shop.



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