Sunday, 22 April 2012

Weekly Wrap Up

I'm a bit late with my Weekly Wrap Up post today but finally here it is.


This was a little showcase of the socks I have knit over the past couple of years.  Socks for friends and family and for myself of course.  Lovely to wear around on cold tile floors.  I justified my spending on expensive yarns in this post but I'm not quite sure who I'm justifying myself too or if I'm just trying to convince myself that it's okay.
Updated photo of the guest room makeover with new mirror and fish photo frame on the wall, hand knitted nautical pillow finished just in time, and reflected in the mirror you can just see a little wooden pelican hanger on the window.

I have family from interstate coming to stay next week and desperately needed to do some decorating in the spare room.  I've added a couple more things to it today so above is an updated photo I took this morning.  I just need to add some family photos in the fishy frame.  I'm kind of sentimental and I love to have things spread around our house that remind me of places we have travelled to.  The picture above the bed was drawn for us by an old friend.  It is of Townsville in Queensland looking towards Castle Hill, we used to live there about 15 years ago.  The wasp light was bought on our trip to Thailand.  The picture of the boats on the end wall was bought in Qatar and is a painting of the Dhow's which are the traditional fishing boats there.


I loved recycling an old CD tower into a pot plant stand.  Now I'm on the lookout for more interesting pieces of furniture that I can use in the garden.  An internet search has lead me to some amazing ideas and given me lots of inspiration but I particularly love these below.  I would like to give credit to the original owners of these photos but I honestly can't find who they are.  I've followed the links as far as I can but it seems that others, like me, have borrow these beautiful photos.

I think this is perhaps one of the most beautiful things I've seen :D

Old piano used as a water feature.
I feel like I have accomplished what I wanted to this week, I hope you have had a good week too.



  1. gosh that piano water feature is amazing.

    1. It really is, wouldn't you love to have something like that in your garden.


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