Sunday, 29 April 2012

Weekly Wrap Up

This weeks efforts towards a more sustainable life at Monarch Place.


A post about making my own yoghurt, from 2 tablespoons of a good store bought one, then following on from that to turn the home made yoghurt into Labneh a yoghurt cheese much like cream cheese.

I have only seen Labneh for sale at growers markets here in Queensland and it is very expensive to buy but oh so easy to make.  My 1kg of yoghurt turned into Labneh to produce about 1 1/4 cups of cheese cost me approximately $2.50.  According to the Woolworths online store their 1kg yoghurts cost over $5 so that is a 50% saving right there.  They had a Greek yoghurt on sale for $3.99 so even on sale you are better off making your own.  Home made yoghurt can be sweetened with jams, syrups, honey or just stewed fruit.

The amount of Labneh I made cost about the same as the yoghurt seeing as all I added to make it into Labneh was 1 teaspoon of salt, so lets say $2.60.  Store bought cream cheese costs $4.30 for 250g and I made about 600g which would have cost me more than $9.00 to buy.  A saving of $6.50.

Just by making these two simple items in your own kitchen can reap you a savings on your grocery bill of  nearly $10, that's quite a savings.  I know if I found 2 items on special in my grocery store that saved me that much I would be patting myself on the back and telling myself how good I did.


A patriotic look ANZAC day.  Marking the landing on the beaches of Gallipoli now named ANZAC Cove and remembering those who fought during all the wars and also our troops still in active duty.



A visual diary of what is happening in our backyard food production garden at the moment. There is an abundance of some crops, other vegetables growing well, lettuce bolting to seed and pests on the citrus trees.

Hope you have all had a good week


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