Thursday, 31 May 2012

Autumn in the Vegetable Garden

Despite the weather turning windy and cold there is still plenty happening in the vegetable garden. Although growth is slowing down, we are still getting sunny days and enough warmth during the middle of the day to keep things growing nicely.

The first vegetable garden still has shallots (green onions), purple basil, regular basil, the huge flat leaf parsley bush (at the front), fennel, chilies and tomatoes.

These are a type of egg tomato that are doing really well and it looks like I'm going to get that bumper crop I was hoping for.  I want to be able to preserve some of these and also make some semi-dried tomatoes.  If there are enough I will also make some spaghetti sauce and pizza sauce and freeze that for later use.  There are so many things to do with a large crop of tomatoes.

This is a different type of plant that sprung up from a random seed over by the outdoor barbeque area.  Someone must have dropped a piece of tomato from their salad and it has grown so I transplanted it into the veggie garden and it seems to be doing well.  It is not a very high bush but is robust with thick stems and a hearty looking fruit.  If it has nice flavour I will save some seed for planting next season.

The second garden bed has been stripped of the old cucumber vines at last, weeded and had the old mulch and some compost and fertilizer dug back in to enrich the soil.  I will be planting some new seedlings in this one next weekend.  I plan to grow Snow Peas along the back wire, bush beans and some beetroot in here.  I've decided to avoid drumhead cabbage and broccoli because the grubs usually always beat me to them and I don't want to use chemical sprays so I'll grow what the bugs don't want as much.

As you can see the Lemon Grass is growing like a weed.  How much lemon grass can one family eat?  Good thing it is an attractive bush and my mother tells me that the flower makes a lovely addition to dried arrangements.  This bush has just started to flower so when they open a little more I will pick some and hang them to dry.


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