Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Being Prepared - Birthdays

As a full time worker outside of the home, a home maker, mother and wife, I have to fit a lot of things into my day. Being prepared is the only way I can accomplish all that I do.

One of the things I have to prepare ahead for is birthdays, anniversary's etc so I am always on the look out for items on sale that I can stash away for gifts.  I have a draw full of bits and pieces that I have collected and I also make cards ahead of time so I have one ready when it is needed.
Gift Drawer
Recently my daughter had a birthday and I have been putting together this recipe book of all our favourite family recipes.  She rings me regularly to ask how to 'make your lasange or Beef in Red Wine' so I thought it would be nice if she had a book of her own with them all in it.  They are tried and true family favourites so she knows they are nice to eat and can confidently serve them to her own family and friends.

I also like the fact that most of the recipes are in my handwriting and while I don't consider my script very nice it is mine and she will always have a record of it.

When my mother and Aunty were over on holidays last week I asked them to also include a couple of their favourite recipes in their own handwriting.  We are creating a sort of legacy to leave for the next generation and I know that my daughter will appreciate it.

I realised that I would love to have the same thing from my mum and grandmother and unfortunately I can't get handwritten recipes from my grandmother anymore but  I do have the 'Women's Weekly' recipe card box that mum collected years ago and she has added to it and written on some of the cards whether it tasted good or not so good, if the family liked it or if there were alterations to be made.  

As you can see it is a well loved and well used box of recipes.  Looking a bit tattered now but I would never throw it out.  One day I will pass this down onto one of my children too. One other book that I know my mother used to have but she has misplaced is her old version of the CWA Cookbook.  There was a new version released as well but the original was the one Mum had and used often.  For those readers overseas CWA is our Country Women's Association and they are well known for their good home-cooked foods and recipes.  I think there is a branch of the CWA in nearly every town in Australia no matter how small the population is.


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