Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Brisbane and Southbank Parklands

Last week I took my Mum and Aunty to Brisbane and the Southbank Parklands that meander along the Brisbane River. 
We started with a coffee at a lovely cafe on the Kangaroo Point cliffs which gives this great view across the river to the city centre.

The Southbank Parklands are the heart of Brisbane.  It is a lovely relaxing place in the middle of the bustling city life and is cultural hub full of restaurants, art galleries, museums, nature walks and coffee shops.

There is also a large man-made beach and lots of kiddies pools with water spouts that go on and off randomly and you need to be on your guard as to where you walk if you don't want to get wet.

The rainforest walk has a lovely stone creek meandering through the lush vegetation and a beautiful rainforest canopy overhanging to give you a secluded feeling as you wander through it. You could be anywhere as you get lost in admiring the amazing tropical plants and watching lizards sunning themselves on rocks, but you certainly don't feel like you are in the city.

I remember many years ago when my kids were little we would take them into Southbank to swim in the man-made beach and they would get into these creeks and pile the stones up and make dams and pools to paddle in.  It was a wonderful world of exploration.

Southbank was the home of the 1988 World Expo and this unique carved building is the only remaining piece of that expo now.  It is a Nepalese Peace Pavillion, hand carved in Nepal and bought to Brisbane for the expo.  The Queensland Government bought it as a tribute to the very successful expo.

The day we visited was the celebration of Buddhas birthday.  There was this lovely display of flowers and giant golden Buddhas and people could buy flowers to make offerings if they wished.  They do a 'bathing the baby' ceremony where you can ladle water over the shoulder of a small Buddha statue.

There were also lots of Asian food stalls and displays of dancing, karate, lion dancers and other entertainments set up for the festival.

If you are ever in the Brisbane area, Southbank Parklands are a lovely spot to visit.

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  1. One of the Nepalese Temple in Brisbane, Thank you for the photo. Definitely going to visit.


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