Saturday, 26 May 2012

Knitting and Newborn Photography Props

My daughter is a baby photographer and she specializes in newborn baby photography and does amazing things with props and some clever editing of the photographs.

She asked me to knit her some props and I thought I would show you them here today.

This one is called a 'baby nest' and it is from the pattern by Katherine Durham.  It was very easy to make and is knit on circular needles 'in the round'.

The gorgeous pink Hanging Cocoon Baby Stork Pouch is actually crocheted not knitted.  It is really quick to do as it is made in very thick yarn.  This is where the trickery of photography comes in because the baby is actually quite securely sitting on a table but appears to be hanging.  At all times the babies are very safe and not reliant on the strength of the yarn.  Thank goodness!

I love these two little hats with their long tails.  There is something so whimsical about them but I would never use them on a baby for normal wearing purposes because of the long cord and dangers of strangulation.  However as a baby photography prop they are just so cute.  This free pattern can be found here at Neanners Shop blog.

Another one of my favourites is this hammock in the photo below. I've knit a few of these now in varying colours and sizes.  This pattern is for sale on etsy at Newborn Photo Props and Knitting

The last one is a 'Baby Cocoon' and the pattern can be bought from the Ravelry site if you are a member there.

All of the baby models parents have signed a release that they are happy to have their photos used.



  1. Oh gosh I was amateurish back then lol... will send you some updated ones to use once Kez has her baby, you will love them lol =P

  2. Oh soooo cute.... I love the little stork pouch, I could have used that with my little Laura, she's too big now, she has lost that new born look! Your knits are just beautiful, such great ideas for photos.


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