Friday, 22 June 2012

Avocado Coconut and Pistachio Ice Cream

Avocados are creamy and delicious.  I use them in salads, spread on toast and blended for dips, but my first experience of ever drinking one came a little over a year ago in Qatar at 'Al Mandarine'.  I couldn't imagine what avocado juice tasted like and so I just had to order it off the menu and let me tell you it is absolutely delicious.  Admittedly they added heaps of sugar but the beauty of trying these things at home is that you get to control the quantities of what goes in.

Today I tried making Avocado Ice Cream and thought I would use coconut milk as that seemed like a good thing to do and it would make a Paleo version of ice cream.  I Googled the recipe and imagine my surprise when I found that it wasn't so unusual at all and that people have been making Avocado Ice Cream all along.

Of course, as usual, I have changed the recipes that I found to suit me and here is my version below.  It is a Paleo friendly version and also not too bad for diabetics. My son is a type 1 diabetic so I often use alternative ingredients.

Avocado, Coconut & Pistachio Ice Cream

2 ripe avocados
1 400gm tin coconut cream
1 400gm tin coconut milk
2 tbsp honey
1 tbsp xylitol (natural sweetener - read below for more info)
1/4 cup roasted pistachio pieces

Cut the avocados in half, remove the seed and scoop the flesh out.  Place avocado, coconut cream, milk, honey and xylitol in a blender and process until smooth.
Place the mixture in the freezer until it is really cold and then pour the mix and add the pistachios to your ice cream maker.

If you don't have an ice cream maker you can pour the mixture into a shallow tray and freeze until soft, fluff up with a fork or quickly re-blend then re-freeze.  Do this a couple of times until you get a nice texture.

Of course if you don't have xylitol you can use sugar in it's place or just use extra honey to taste.  Remember that once frozen it won't taste as sweet as it does now so you should go slightly sweeter than you think you need.

This is a strange flavour, not because of the avodado though but I just can't put my finger on what the flavour is that seems strange.  Maybe it's the lemon.  When the first spoonful goes into your mouth it is unusual but then you keep eating it, because it is nice.  The jury is still out in our family as to whether I will make it again or not.

A note about Xylitol-
It is a natural sweetener with a low GI of about 7.  Xylitol is a non fermentable sugar alcohol naturally occurring in many fruits and vegetables like, mushrooms, corn and berries.  It is considered a safe sweetener for diabetics as the body does not need to use insulin to metabolize it.  It's being used more and more in lollies or candies (often gum and mints) as it doesn't cause cavities and is even thought to prevent cavities, so is also good for those with a sweet tooth. Next time you buy a packet of gum, check the sweetener maybe your favourite brand is using xylitol.
Shop around when buying Xylitol though as it can be very expensive.  I've seen it ranging from $15 - $30 per kilo.  It is sweeter than sugar though so you don't need to use as much.

Enjoy your ice cream



  1. Wow! I've never heard of avocado ice cream!

  2. Hello Chez,

    Just letting you know we made your recipe for Christmas. We decided to blend the nuts with everything else. Tasted great.

    Thanks for the recipe.

    Happy days.


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