Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Grumpy Bums

It's knitting season, cool evenings and lots of rain!  I saw this gorgeous pattern for infant longies and just had to make them for my grandson.  Luckily his parents thought they were cute too as there is not much point putting the time and effort into knitting something that the recipient isn't going to wear.

The pattern can be found at thewanderingladyblogspot.com.au. I particularly like this pattern because it is knit in DK weight (8ply) yarn and therefore is quite quick to make.

My gorgeous grandson is modeling his new pants for the purpose of blog photos and as you can see they are long enough for him at the moment but there is plenty of sideways stretch to this pattern so once winter is over this year I will unpick the cast off on the cuffs and knit a few more stripes to lengthen them so they will also fit him next winter and he should get at least 2 years wear from them that way.

There is another free pattern that is very similar that can be found here on Ravelry if you are a member of that site.  This pattern is knit in fingering weight (4ply) yarn and so would take quite a bit longer to knit but other than that there seems few differences.

I love knitting baby wear, it is so quick and is instant gratification in a craft where items can take a long time between cast on and wearing.

Are you knitting at the moment?


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