Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Killing Weeds in Garden Paths Naturally

There are quite a few ways of killing off weeds in garden paths, patios and driveways without using harmful chemicals.

I personally like the boiling water method.  Just put the kettle on and when it boils pour the water out over the weeds and within a few days they will have died and shriveled just as if you had used a poison.
After killing off the weeds it is a good idea to make the environment as hostile as possible for germination so they don't grow back as quickly and to do this you can either use salt or bicarb soda.  

Caution is needed though as these ingredients will also make germination of any other seeds difficult so they should only be used in areas where you don't want to grow anything.  (It is interesting to note however, that a small amount of bicarb sprinkled around tomatoes can reduce the acidity in them and make them taste sweeter.) 

The photo below was taken 4 days after the boiling water had been administered.

Another good natural weed killer is white vinegar sprayed or poured directly onto the weeds but again be careful of any overspray onto plants that you don't want to kill off.



  1. Oh funny... I'm working on my own 'weeds" post. I have used boiling water and salt as well. I have not tried bi-carb soda (I think it's what we call Baking Soda) or vinegar.

    The over-spray or desire to plant later, is always the concern. :-)

    1. Summer or Winter they just keep on coming don't they! I only use salt or Bi-carb Soda (Baking Soda) in paved paths and patios where I'm sure I won't need to grow anything.


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