Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Family Celebrations

I haven't written for a few days as I've been spending some time with my husband, Brett who has just returned from living overseas.

Four years ago we decided to make a huge change in our lives and try living as expatriates in a completely foreign land and chose to move to Qatar in the Middle East.  Qatar is a small peninsular that sticks out from Saudi Arabia into the Persian Gulf.  It is an Emirate run by the Al Thani ruling family who feature quite prominently in world news as many peace talks and world class sporting events take place in Qatar.

We didn't know how long we would be living overseas and just decided to 'see what happened', we might stay in Qatar or even move onto another country in a few years as we really enjoy the expat lifestyle.

Our two boys came with us to live there as they were both school aged at the time and our girls both stayed here in Australia.   Our eldest boy attended the school where my husband worked and I home-schooled our youngest which was a great adventure and in Qatar there are many expat families who homeschool so we had plenty of social interaction, ran co-ops, art days, excursions and other great activities to enhance their learning.

Living in a foreign country is a wonderful learning opportunity in itself and from Qatar we were able to do a lot of international travel and see many amazing sights and countries like Italy, France, England, Turkey, Thailand, Egypt and others.  It really is true that 'travel broadens the mind'.

Last year I returned home because I needed to come back to my job here in Australia (or lose it) and also our daughter Vanessa and her husband Dave were expecting their first child.  My husband stayed on to complete his contract in Qatar and while we have visited there since returning home and he has been back here, we haven't seen him since Christmas last year so it has been 6 long months.

Yesterday was a day to spend with family. Vanessa with baby Taylor came to visit, our other daughter Samantha and son Adam came home too and Dylan who still lives at home was there so we were all together again for the first time in a long time.  The house was loud and fun and full of life, there was good food and plenty of entertainment from all the babies in our home getting to know each other and I'm sure Brett felt welcomed and happy to be back with his family.


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