Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Knitting, Crochet, Kitting

My daughter has a couple of photo shoots coming up for friends babies and requested some new hats for the occasion so I have been knitting and crocheting like a crazy woman trying to beat the mothers-to-be before they go into labour.  A newborn photography shoot is usually done within a few days after the birth.

I will update photos of the babies modeling them once they arrive and the photo session has been completed but for now here are my photos taken after the hats were finished.

"EZ Earflapps" by Jeannie Kubricht - My Ravelry post on this hat can be found here
Unfortunately when I went to get the link to this pattern from Neanners Swet Shop blog, all had been removed due to people stealing the images which are copyrighted to a friend who has a photography business.  It is a shame as her patterns are wonderfully inventive and she offers them free. It is also a shame because I am just about to start the decreases on the hat that is still on the needles but I'm pretty sure I can figure it out for myself even if it does turn out a bit differently.  I guess that is one reason to print your patterns out rather than read them on an iPad!

Baby Bear Hat by Gilda Knits on Ravelry
This little bear hat is so cute and the pattern is also free but only available as a Ravelry download so if you are not yet a member I encourage you to join up.  It is a wonderful knitters and crocheters resource and community.  Hope to see you there, you can find me under the name 'Aussieraveler'.

"Buy My 'Papes, Sir Newsboys Hat" by Jenny Wiebe
This Newsboys hat is also a free pattern and can be found on Jenny's blog at 'Hands full of happiness' by clicking on the link in the photo caption.

I've also been working on completing my 'Sugar Plum Fairy' sweater that has been on the needles since last year.  It is nearly done but as you can see above I have been a little sidetracked with other projects.  I'm hoping to finish it tonight then I'll wash and block it and take photos.


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