Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Making Your Own Carpet Powder

I never buy those commercial carpet powders anymore as I find the smell overpowering and when I sprinkle them around the dust gets up my nose and I'm just not sure exactly what I'm applying to the floor where my kids sit, lie and play and grandson crawls around.

Usually a regular vacuum does the trick to keep the carpets pretty clean and odour free but with the recent addition of indoor pets to our family I thought some odour eating powder might be a good idea once in a while.

What better to use than something that absorbs odours and is inexpensive and environmentally, pet and human friendly and that is of course Bi-carb soda (baking soda).

I took a packet of bicarb soda, added about 2 teaspoons of ground cloves and mixed it together well.  Next I sprinkled it onto my carpet and left it to sit for a few hours then vacuumed as normal.  The house is left smelling amazing but not artificially perfumed, more like a hint of warmth and homeliness.  Of course you could use any number of essential oils and add them to your bi-carb soda to create your own personal home fragrance but I also like that cloves repel a lot of insects including fleas, moths, flies and even mice.

I'm now waiting for an empty container to come along that I can recycle like, talcum powder bottle or something I can put holes in so that I can have a sprinkling action for my new carpet powder.  This time though I just sprinkled it on with my hands which worked equally as well.


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