Friday, 27 July 2012

Oven-dried Tomatoes

The vegetable garden is producing lots of Roma tomatoes at the moment and I have had enough spares to dehydrate some to be used later.  I love to buy sun-dried tomatoes from our supermarket for use on pizza's, in salads, eating on their own on crackers etc.

My dehydrator died and I haven't purchased another one yet so I had a go at drying them in the oven.  I cut the tomatoes in half and placed them on greased trays so they wouldn't stick.  Then I sprinkled them with salt and some dried basil and put them in the oven which had been set to 120C (250F).  

It took about 4 hours for them to dry out enough that I was happy but they could have done with another hour if you like them really chewy.  Mine were about 3/4 dehydrated or what is referred to as semi-dried tomatoes.  I then packed them (not too tightly) into jars and covered them with olive oil.

I must confess though, I got a little impatient and turned the oven up a notch for the last hour and some are a little darker than I would have liked.  Next time I will wait patiently.

Out of two large trays full of tomatoes I got 2 medium sized jars.  The vegetable garden is still producing so there still maybe more of these to make in my near future.



  1. I love dried tomatoes. I will have to give that a shot this year. Yours look yummy. :-)

  2. our tomatoes are about 2 inches high...but love dried tommies so will keep this in mind thank you dear


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