Sunday, 1 July 2012

Slow Living Month 6

Here we are again at the beginning of a new month, and once again it is time to join with Christine from Slow Living Essentials blog and take account of what's been happening over the past month at Monarch Place.  I really enjoy writing these posts as it makes me think deeply about my month and I've noticed that the areas I find the hardest to write about are the Enhance and Discover areas.  I have a goal now to put more effort into those two areas so stay tuned for next month and we will see how I've done.

Looking back over the blog this past month and there seems an unusually large amount of recipes and food posts.  I guess that is mostly due to the cold wet weather and being stuck indoors so much more but I'm also continuing with Monday feature blogs of meals that cost under $10 to feed a family of 4 adults or 2 adults and 6 kids.  The crock pot has also been dragged out of hiding in the back of the cupboard and creating some delicious comfort foods like soups, corned beef & braised lamb shanks for cold winter nights.

I can finally say I am preparing for my dear husband to come home from working overseas for the past 3 years.  We were there with him for the first 2 but have been back in Australia for a year now with him still being overseas.  The clock is ticking an it will just be a few short days before he will be here so it's time to move my clothes over in the wardrobe to make room.  Funny thing though...they seem to just creep right back across to his side.  I wonder if I can talk him into using the spare room wardrobe hmmm.  I also need to get the lawn mowed and edges done so it is not the first thing he has to do when he returns.  Now I just need the sun to shine and dry the lawn out so it can be done.

I'm focussing on knitting down my yarn stash rather than buying more and more yarn.  So far it's working about half the time but it is surprising just how many times the colour or size of the yarn just won't work.  I'm determined to keep trying though as I would rather be able to plan a project and buy the yarn that I need for it at the time than feel guilty because I already have containers full of yarn just sitting there.

We have signed the papers to have solar panels installed on our roof.  Luckily too as we just made it in time before our State Government decided to pull the feed in tariff payment back from 44 cents per kilowatt to 9 cents per kilowatt.  By signing before 9th July we are locked in to receive the 44 cent tariff for another 16 years until 2028.  I have also been killing weeds in pathways just using boiling water and then creating a hostile environment for more to grow by using salt and bicarbonate of soda.

The vegetable garden is full again and growing nicely.  At the moment I am just starting to pick tomatoes, and I'm still picking parsley, rosemary, mint, basil, kaffir lime leaves and lemongrass.  Newly planted are beetroot, cabbage, snow peas and bush beans.  There are also some marigolds lining the area where the cabbage are to try to discourage the white cabbage moth and other bugs.

Knitting is the main creative activity going on around here at the moment.  There have been hats, pants, socks and sweaters all clicking away on the needles this month.  While my Mum and Auntie were visiting they completed the border on a quilt that I had been making on and off for ages.  It had been in storage while I was overseas and we pulled it out and now it is finally complete.  There has also been some delving into the latest craze of making garden ornaments from recycled glass plates, bowls and vases and finally I made a lovely batch of homemade Lavender soap.

I'm reading a book called 'The Bishop of Rwanda' by John Rucyahana.  It is an enlightening read about the genocide in Rwanda and the forgiveness of the Tutsi people.  Although I knew about the horrible ordeals the Rwandan people have been through in the past decade, I never had a deep understanding about the causes of the genocide or Rwandan history before reading this book.

I posted a free knitting pattern that I wrote last year.  It is for a cute little baby hat and has been on Ravelry (a community site for knitters and crocheters) for about a year now with lots of activity, people downloading the pattern and others who have knitted it and posted photos and comments.  I have now added the pattern to my blog pages here so others who are not members of Ravelry can still enjoy it. I'm working on another free pattern as I write this which I will share once it is finished.

I'm on holidays!  Again I hear you say?  Yes, I actually get 10 weeks holidays a year as I am what is considered 'Term Time Only' staff at a school.  This means that I get all the school holidays off but it also means that I don't get paid for that time either so I need to budget carefully, especially over the Christmas period where I'm off work and unpaid for 7 weeks.  I do enjoy having all these extra weeks off though as it gives me time to potter around the house and garden and do lots of little projects that would otherwise mount up and perhaps never get done.

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  1. Just came over to see you from Slow Living Essentials. I'm loving reading about other people's months. It seems like most of you are from the opposite side of the world from me, so that makes it even more interesting. Good luck with your homecoming and enjoy July.

  2. My Husband and I each travel alot for our jobs... it was me almost every week, now he's been travelling more. It's hard being apart, but at least we are home often. I really can't imagine being apart for so long. I wish you a blissful welcome home... and I hope it means he will be home for a while. :-)

    I was also just thinking that some categories get neglected as others have more attention. I need to put a few ideas down for intention.

  3. Just popped over from 'slow living essentials' too...

    I was just lovely reading about how you've been living slowly this month and that Lavander soup looks simply divine..

    Jodie :)

  4. Lovely to read of your month, Chez. Wishing you a lovely time for your hubby's homecoming.

    I'm off to find your pattern! ;)

    1. Thanks for hosting the 'Slow Living Month' again Christine. It is a great way to stop and take account of what I've been doing for the past month.

  5. Hi Chez! You have been busy! Those baby pants are toooooo cute for words! All that knitting! mMch creativity and production. Enjoy having your hubby home! - Kara xx

    1. Hi Kara, Funny thing is that it never seems like I have done much until I join in on the 'Slow Living Month' feature with Christine and reflect back over the past few weeks. It's a great exercise.


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