Monday, 27 August 2012

Christmas Gifts to Make

Is it too Early to think about Christmas yet?  I don't think so if you are planning on making most of your gifts this year.

These past few weeks I have found myself thinking more and more about Christmas and what I'm going to be gifting to my friends and family.

Some things need to be made quite a long way ahead, like soap, so that it has time to cure.  Knitted items take quite a bit of time to make and so not to be rushed I think starting now would be a good idea.  I also make my own Christmas cards and like to send those out at the beginning of December and that my friends is only 12 weeks away.

I've been searching the internet for some unique gifts and here are a few of what I've seen lately, with links to the sites for the instructions plus a few gifts that I have featured on my blog.

Handmade soaps and a wash cloth are always some of my favourites and the pretty much family expect this as a gift from me each year.  A basket with a variety of wonderfully fragrant soaps, a pumicestone and knitted wash cloth or scrubbie is always a winner.  You can find my recipe for handmade soap from things in your pantry here.

Tea cup candles are also a lovely gift.  You can pick up beautiful china tea cups from thrift shops at hardly any cost and fill then with wax from either a melted down candle or some wax beads from a craft store. I have a small tutorial on the blog here.
 Last year I made these cute melted snowman cookies that were a huge hit with my kids and their friends.  A cellophane bag full of these would make a gift that any child or adult would love.  You can find a recipe and decorating directions on the Crazy Domestic Blog.

If you have teenagers then you might like these ideas of gifting money rather than just popping it into a card.  My teens usually ask for money so they can buy something themselves but on Christmas morning I like them to be able to open a present like everyone else rather than just a card so I think this year I will choose one of these ideas.
This lovely money tree is from this website: Then she made.  And the Holiday Dough below is from Heart and Soul Scrappers.

What are you making for your family this year?  Lets share some ideas over the coming months.  I am going to update my blog with ideas when I've discovered some new ones that look particularly good to me and hopefully will have some photos of my own creations as time goes by.


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