Saturday, 18 August 2012

In the Garden

It's such a beautiful day today.  The sun is shining, there is a lovely, but somewhat strong, breeze blowing and the neighbourhood must all be taking their afternoon naps as I write this because it is so peaceful.  All I hear is the sound of the wind rustling the tall grasses in the garden and some birds chirping.
It's days like this that help me to slow down, fill me with peace and give me a sense that all is right in my world.  It's a time to refresh from a busy week and recharge the batteries for the next one.

The first Sweet-peas of the season.
Today I spent some time in the veggie garden and as I walked around the corner there was this lovely little Sweet-pea flower smiling at me, what a lovely surprise as it wasn't there yesterday and I was beginning to despair that they were ever going to flower.

It's been over a month since we've had any rain and so the veggies are suffering somewhat and I must get back into the habit of watering them regularly.  Today's harvest was good and before I could even get the snow peas washed and in the fridge my husband had a plate of them and was munching away. They are deliciously sweet.

Lovely basket full of freshly picked organic vegetables straight from the garden

The tomato bushes are still giving plenty of tomatoes and I am stewing them on the stovetop and then freezing them for later use.

The beetroot harvest was not as plentiful as I had hoped but there is enough to pickle a couple of jars to eat in Summer with salads and on burgers.  This is my first time growing beetroot and I noticed that the ones that got the most sun were the largest so next time I will make sure they have plenty of space to allow the sunlight in.

After all the vegetables are harvested, cut, washed and put away, the leftover stalks, leaves and the bean bushes were all put into the compost ball to make a lovely compost and then return to the vegetable garden to enrich the soil for another crop.  The ultimate in recycling.

Thanks for visiting my blog.  You will notice that I am not blogging as frequently as I once was and that is because life has just stepped up a notch.  I will be blogging as often as I can and hopefully that will be a couple of times a week so please check back from time to time.



  1. I hope the step up is a good thing.

    1. Not particularly, but necessary at the moment. Just work and busyness when really I would rather retire. Still have to be grateful that we both have good jobs in this economic climate.


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