Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Recycling Records into Bowls

Last weekend I made another trip to our local recycling centre and my husband and son came along with me.  Just quietly I think they are becoming quite addicted to the centre too :)

One of the things my son decided on buying were some old records to decorate the walls of his bedroom with and while we were there we picked up a few extras to make into funky bowls for chips and nuts and other goodies at a party.  It is a really easy upcycling project to do and you end up with these fabulous looking and useful bowls.
Materials needed:
Old Records
Biscuit tray or other flat oven proof tray
Oven proof bowl for a mold
Oven mitts

First we made sure we were not going to melt down any rare and valuable records by checking online! Then we heated up the oven to 130C as any hotter and the records can emit toxic fumes.

Use a suitable sized heat proof bowl, placed it on an oven proof tray and then lay the record on top of it. We found that having the bowl the right side up and pushing the pliable record inside it gave the most uniform shape for our newly formed 'record bowl', whereas placing the glass bowl upside down and letting the record melt around the outside of it created a very haphazard looking 'record bowl'.
Place the oven tray with glass bowl and record into the oven and leave for about 2 or 3 minutes. You will see the record slowly start to warp, this is when you put on your oven mitts and carefully place your hands inside the oven and press the record down into the glass bowl that you are using as a mold, taking care to keep it centered. Alternatively you could very quickly remove the tray, bowl and record from the oven and press the record down so as not to burn yourself on the oven but you need to work quickly. The record gets hot but not so hot that it will cause serious damage, you can handle it quite comfortably, but the glass bowl and tray are a different matter and you will need the oven mitts.

Take the tray, bowl and record from the oven and allow the record to cool and firm up again.  This only takes a minute or less.  Remove your new record bowl from the glass mold and you are done.

There is a hole in the middle that you could cover with some black tape, silicone or other substance but we are not going to use the bowl for anything runny so we didn't bother.

I am sure the chemicals in vinyl records are not pleasant so it would be wise to consider what foods you were serving from them.


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  1. love his idea must have a go they look great....the mind boggles


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