Monday, 10 September 2012

Rainbow Beach

This weekend we celebrated the 50th birthday of a dear friend.  Her husband had organised a weekend of surprises for her and one of those was lunch with us at beautiful Rainbow Beach about 2 hours drive north of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

We arrived just on lunch time and 'accidentally' bumped into them meandering along the main street, and after all the other surprises and 'accidental' meetings with other friends and family throughout the weekend, she soon knew why we were there.

We lunched at the Rainbow Beach hotel which is an older hotel but just a lovely ambience and good meals.  Another surprise that awaited her for that afternoon was that they were going paragliding but unfortunately the wind just wouldn't cooperate and turn in the right direction, and in the end it had to be cancelled.

After lunch we went for a walk up the beach to investigate the height of the dunes that they might be paragliding from and also to look at the famous colored sands.  You can see just a few shades in this dune, white, cream and dark greys near the top of the rocks but further along the beach there are pinks, oranges golds and browns.  You can see that better in the top photo.

These sands are often collected and layered into small bottles and people wonder at how there can be so many different colors in just one small area.
Photo by Sand Magic
I didn't buy a bottle while there but found this site online where the sands are collected and made into tiny art forms for sale to visitors.


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  1. wow the different colored sands are amazing - I love how they put them into the bottles. What a great idea for a surprise party! That looks like a lovely old hotel.


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