Friday, 5 October 2012

A Head Start on Christmas

I have been diligent to put my plan into action and have made a start on making some of the gifts I will be giving to friends and family come Christmas.  Usually I don't get started until I'm nearly out of time, so it feels good to know that this year I am more organised.

I love Christmas baking.  We have developed some traditions in our family and as the kids have grown older they still like to retain those traditions as a lead up to our Christmas celebration each year. Making and decorating gingerbread men and houses is one of these, decorating the house inside and outside and of course everyone has to be present to decorate the tree all together on 1st December or as close as possible to it.  Being organised with my gift making will allow a much more relaxed time for the other traditions, and enable us to enjoy them more.

Since my post on 100 Days until Christmas last week, I have made a start on some items.

These Christmas cards were made in an afternoon and I had forgotten just how relaxing it is to sit quietly and be creative.  I have accumulated quite a lot of craft supplies and particularly scrapbooking and cardmaking supplies, which I don't do as much of these days with working full time outside of the home, so I am trying to use up what I have rather than buying more.

I've made good progress on knitted washcloths.  I knit at night in front of the TV and since I've been on holidays this week I have managed to get quite a few done.  These will go into gift baskets with some homemade soaps and perhaps some natural brushes or knitted scrubbies.  Again I am stash busting and using what I already have.

I also made a couple of batches of soap, some of which is to stock our cupboards as we are getting low but I will use some of these for the soap gift baskets, or individually with a knitted washcloth as a small gift. I still need to make more batches of soap before Christmas and for our own stock pile.  The cream one is Pachouli and Sandalwood and the green one is green clay, lemon and thyme.  Both are a very unisex fragrance and make a good mix in a basket.  I blogged about how to make your own soap and the recipe I use here if you are interested in trying it for yourself.

I also had some potted plants that seriously needed repotting and the cuttings will have grown nicely by Christmas for gifts.  These haven't been designated to any person on my gift list yet but while I was busy potting I thought I may as well make a few extras.  I can always donate them to a charity stall if they are not used as gifts.

How are your Christmas preparations coming along?  Do you make some of the gifts you give?


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