Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Nana's Brag Book

Oh Happy Days!  Our grandson has just turned one year old and there was a party to celebrate the occasion.

One is such a lovely age in a child's life. He is walking, just starting to say a few words, gives lots of smiles and spontaneous hugs and has an enquiring mind to know everything about the world around him.

The bubbles were a bit hit with kids and adults alike.
Taylor loves to sing and dance and watches Sesame Street.  In particular he loves Elmo and so a Sesame Street theme was chosen for the decorations.

My daughter is very artsy and creative and she made all the decorations, food and cake for the party herself.  You might remember her nursery art I blogged about here.

I thought I would show some photos of the day as they tell a far clearer story than my words ever could.
Cookie Monster and Elmo Cupcakes
He loves books most of all and so was more than happy that he received quite a few as gifts.
Some more of the food, a nice health choice, rainbow fruit skewers

Having a nice big drink of water after devouring a Cookie Monster cupcake
It was a lovely day and I'm sure everyone who attended had a great time.

A proud and happy Nana, Chez

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