Friday, 26 October 2012

Warning - Rant Ahead!

Dear readers,

I'm taking this opportunity to get on my soap box for just a minute or two and I hope that you will join me up here.  I promise it won't hurt much.

Please consider signing the petition at asking that Coles (and Woolworths) increase the price of their generic branded milk so that our dairy farmers get a fair price for their milk and can support their families.  Click here to go to the petition.  

Even if you don't live in Queensland or Australia you can join with me and send a message that you don't agree with local farmers being forced out of their livelihood to satisfy a price war between the big supermarkets.  (Which is only there to lure us in as customers.)  I'm sure that there are farmers in your area who are suffering a similar fate.

In Queensland alone 45 dairies have had to shut down and leave the industry since this price war began in January 2011.  That average is 1 dairy every 2 weeks!!  Farmers and their families are being pushed to the brink, striving to run their businesses and make ends meet.  Farmers are hard working men and women trying to support their families just like you and I, often on farms that have been in their family for generations.  

When dairy farms close down it doesn't just affect the farmers, it also affects a large number of regional and urban towns with job losses in all the businesses our dairy farmers support.  Vets, feed lots, fuel companies, machinery sales, mechanics, tyre companies, fertiliser companies, and the workers associated with these companies.  Other small businesses like local contractors, fencers, hay cutters & carters, farm hands and their families are also affected.  As with nearly everything in life there is a ripple effect of consequences to our actions.

What can we do now?  Obviously this petition is not going to make a difference anytime soon.  These things take time before the effect is realised and put into place so in the mean time try to buy dairy products, or at the very least your milk, branded from a small dairy company local to where you live.  IGA supermarkets support their local industry and business but if you shop at Coles and Woolworths and don't want to change then look for the local dairy company products in store there too.  If you don't see any ask if they can get them in.  The more people asking the more likely that they will take the idea into consideration.  

The best way to send a message is through your wallet or purse.  If you sign the petition but still buy the cheaper milk when you shop then that is where the profit figures will show in the large supermarket chains.  That is the petition they read.  

Hopping off my soap box now.


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  1. I have personally met some farmers who have had to shut down. So sad. I signed the petition - you have worded this so well, thanks for getting on your soapbox.


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