Sunday, 18 November 2012

In the Garden this week

Finally we have had some decent rain and the water tank is full, the dust has been washed off everything and the gardens and lawns have had a good drenching. At this time last year it had rained and rained and rained and we were complaining about getting washed away so I guess I need to just be happy with what the heavens deliver and learn to adapt to our environment.

My garden is pretty good in that the plants I have chosen are quite drought tolerant but at the same time they don't mind a good soaking.  Ornamental reeds and grasses, bromeliads, agave and some palms are good for this.

The vegetable beds are the one area that needs daily watering if it doesn't rain but that only takes me about 10 minutes after work and I find it a nice way to wind down and centre myself back into 'home-mode' after a busy day at the office.
It is really heating up here now and we are coming to the end of our growing season for vegetables.  Pest and disease become rampant at this time of the year and it is hardly worth the effort to grow vegetables as so many are lost.  However, I am still picking many different herbs, tomatoes, corn and chillies and there are watermelons and capsicums which will be ready to pick in the next few weeks.

The fruit trees are producing their first crops after being planted just 1 year ago.  The lemon tree and Kaffir Lime have fruit but I don't think the orange tree is happy where he is planted as there is not much growth or any fruit yet.

A recent trip to the Recycle Centre produced this lovely brushwood screening was a bargain at just $30 for the lot.  We had been looking for something to close the backyard in and give us more privacy as we are very open to passers by.  This much screening would have cost us more than $200 to buy locally.

The lawn is looking pretty terrible at the moment as I have been trying to find a day where I could use one of those feed and weed sprays and so the lawn hasn't been mowed in a few weeks.

I am resorting to using chemicals on the lawn because the weeds have become so rampant and the lawn is in such poor condition that the weeds are taking over.

The problem with these Feed & Weed sprays is that there are so many restrictions on when you can use it.  The instructions on the bottle say not to use it when it has just rained or rain is expected in the next 48 hours, If the lawn was mowed in the last 7 days or if you are going to mow it in the next 7.  If there is any wind.  If the lawn is drought stressed (it has to be damp but not wet).  Finding such a perfect day to use this product, when I'm not at work has posed a real challenge. Finally I was home and the only obstacle was wind so I just decided to do it and be really careful that the spray didn't go onto other garden plants.  Fingers crossed they survive, the weeds die and the lawn recovers.

Happy Gardening


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  1. Lawns like yours is why I wrote "The Absurdity of Lawn".


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