Friday, 18 January 2013

Organising Ideas Around The Home

I've recently been of a bit of an organising spree and the nerdy side of me loves to have things labeled and in order. "A place for everything and everything in it's place" is my motto.  I find life just flows easier if I can reach into the drawer and the scissors or sticky tape, pens etc are right where they should be. However as organised as I like to be it is not always the case around here, we can only do our best and sometimes life gets in the way of an organised tidy home.

My son is diabetic son and I know it is much safer if I can easily find his glucose meter, or emergency medications very quickly when needed and I'm not racing all over the house wondering which cupboard or drawer they have been shoved into this time!

I saw this great idea on Pinterest and knew it was just what I needed to organise our vitamins and medications
When children are small it is good for them to know that everything has a place where it is kept. Getting them to help pack up their toys into the toy box or basket at the end of the day reinforces that things go back where they belong. My husband and I both work at schools and we have found that many children are not taught that they should look after their belongings or return things to where they got them from.  This then becomes just another lesson that needs to be learned once school starts and lets face it, school is a big enough transition on it's own without having to learn basic life skills as well.

How to share with others, manners, looking after what you have and other basic life lessons are best taught at home, but if they are not then kids will learn them at school, as a classroom of 30 little people can not function otherwise. It makes it harder on the little people that haven't learned these lessons yet.

When I was a stay at home mum with 4 little kids I would get weighed down the feelings of guilt if my home wasn't clean and tidy and of course everyone with little kids knows right there, that's an impossibility to achieve 100% of the time.  I eventually learned that your home only needs to be as clean and tidy as you and your family and lifestyle expect or need it to be.

Do you need your home to look like a display home?  Do you need it to be ready for visitors at the drop of a hat or just clean enough that a quick tidy on short notice will suffice.  Maybe it doesn't matter to you if your house is organised chaos most of the time, visitors or not.  Actually I find I feel more at home and able to relax when visiting someone whose house is in less than pristine condition.

Too many coffee cups in the cupboard so my husband installed hooks to hang some of them and create more storage space.
Recognising what I expected of myself, and knowing that my husband really wasn't bothered by what state the house was in, set me free from the pressures that I was putting on myself to be some sort of super mum and housewife.
I decided that I needed my home to be clean enough that if someone dropped in unexpectedly I wasn't embarrassed, but homely enough that I wasn't driving the whole family crazy with nagging about mess. I had to find my happy medium.

Now there is only 3 of us at home and the house gets cleaned properly once a week and just quick cleaning and tidying for the rest of the week.  Most of the time this is enough to keep it looking nice.

December and January is our Summer holidays in Australia and therefore the time I have my break from work.  This is when I try to give my house a super clean in preparation for the school - work year ahead.  I clean walls, windows, airconditioner filters, ceiling fans, ovens, fridges and freezers, clean and tidy cupboards and declutter as much as possible.  Things that are broken and beyond use go into the rubbish, others useful items are given away on Freecycle and some things go to the local Thrift Shop.

This is possibly one of the best ideas I've seen on Pinterest.  My baking cupboard was always a mess with these trays and tins falling and slipping around.  
Going through this ritual each year sets me up to balance work and home life more easily.  I always feel better once I've decluttered because for me I find that an uncluttered home equals an uncluttered mind and I don't feel as stressed.
Now the cupboard is tidy and there seems like so much more space to store things.  I don't have to worry that a tray is going to fall out when I open the door.
For a bit of fun, this year I've been following along with The Organised Housewife's 20 Days to a clean and organised home challenge.  It's been fun because I don't have to think about what to clean or organise I just do what I'm told :D

Do you have a time of the year you do a deep clean on your home?


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  1. Would love to organize my meager cupboard space as you did. My pots and pans are stored in my oven, so when I want to bake something, I have to take them all out and when I am finished I have to put them all back again. Makes me not want to bake.I am trying to work on very low cost solutions. Hope you come back soon! Happy New Year to you.


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